About Us

Driving the standards and universal compliance practices for the “New Normal"

As the impact of the pandemic mounted, many governments had to move quickly to put emergency measures in place. The closure of non-essential businesses was mandated to slow the spread of the coronavirus, however, the timelines and strategy for re-opening them have been left open-ended. Social Distance Management aims to help the business community to innovate and adapt so that we can create lasting solutions for safety and containment.

Our Mission is to guide businesses in creating optimally safe workplaces while maintaining maximal economic viability.

Resources Developed

Social Distance Compliance will provide a Self-Auditing Questionnaire along with suggested supplies and processes to get your business ready for operation with confidence. This is based on the management of space and cleanliness to the highest levels of universal compliance.

Social Distance Advisory 

The Advisory system was designed as a simple way to properly begin to assess the local threat level in specific areas of the country and what steps can be taken to protect the population.

We create and manage the policy and resources needed to create a compliant workplace for both public and employee safety.