It is during times like this that it is difficult to remember the power of unity. It is essential that our voices be heard. That is the voice that is loudest. The one that focuses on the common good for everyone. We need to open our small businesses, but we need to be sure that we approach this in the most responsible way. Sign our petition to Re-Open and STAY OPEN.

My name is Edward Henry. I am the President of Social Distance Management, which was founded on March 25, 2020. I learned my business was going to be locked down just after I signed a lease for five years into a space that was five times the size of my previous office. I was planning my expansion for approximately six months before making the sizable investments into my business, just like many other people have. I could not imagine letting that lockdown shut my business down. I made every adjustment in my company during these challenging times, just like many other people have. I have employees that I care about, and I have no intention of laying them off. This is the same attitude of many other people going through the same thing.

Sign our petition! I promise you that I will use every resource available to me to make sure that we don’t have to close our doors. My staff has been working on this initiative for almost a year. We are dedicated to making sure that Small Business stays Essential.

CLICK Below TO Sign the Small Business protection act Petition on CHANGE.ORG AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO SMALL BUSINESSES